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Similar to creating personas and mapping user journey, writing user stories help the UX design in many aspects. For one, telling and selling your story right helps to buy in your stakeholders. But also, writing stories on a visceral level deals with the visual appeal, writing stories on a behavioral level deals with use and usability, and writing stories on a reflective level determines whether and how we process and remember and share an experience.

Observe Users of webtoons.com

For UX designers observing means asking the fundamental questions like who? what? where? when? why? how was the experience? and how can it be improved in the future?

5es of webtoons.com

The 5es are an effective user testing tool for UX designers. The positive and negative experiences are recorded more neatly and are characterized for better analyzing.

webtoons.com Entice Enter Engage Exit Extend


-Account preferences

-Watched list

-Free to use

-Anyone can publish webtoon

-No ads

-Daily releases on home page

-Most popular on home page

-Upcoming releases on opening banner

-Create your own webtoon option

-Contests for best webtoon

-Support for artists and writers

-Leaves you where you left off

-Shows last read

-Accompanying app

-Subscription services to artists


-Some artists have unearned ratings

-Lots of delays in releases


-Artists are not well characterized

-Lags new loading pages


-Pressure into becoming a patreon

-Email spams

Personas for webtoons.com

For the webtoons.com website these are 2 personas or fictional characters created to represent a user type that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. Here are the personas:

I chose to make webtoons.com a better mobile experience based on my user tests for my personas Max and Ruby. The persona characteristics are on my blog as well as the 5es, user tests, and storytelling by the test user including complaints they had with the site.

Follow the mockup above with the prototype below

Click here if the above wireframe doesn’t work

Test on Live User

• Entrance page is good. Graphics of the thumbnails are good. Navigation is good.
Colors are good. Overall layout does not need modifications.
• Likes that on the homepage daily releases, most popular webtoons, and upcoming webtoons are shown.
• Likes that when a webtoons of the day is chosen, it shows the category and a brief summary of the story. Doesn’t like that he has to scroll all the way down to see the first episode.
• Likes the interactive parts of the site. Such as the ability to create your own webtoons and even enter them in contests. Also likes users of the site can show support for the artists and writers by becoming a patron right on the site.

What can be made better

A complaint was that the episode is all on one page and requires endless scrolling down. Prefers if they were on different pages and swiping left to right than to scroll down for more content.


I decided to make the App better by placing a book mode option in addition to continuous mode.

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